In the beginning, Gloria was born in Connecticut and moved to Florida in her childhood when her family relocated there.  Prior to obtaining her Physical Therapist Assistant degree from Polk State College, she took employment at jobs that complemented her desire to travel as she loves being outdoors and exploring new places and scenery.  Since then, Gloria has rehabilitated many patients and finds time to instruct wellness classes to seniors at our local wellness center.
Growing up in the rugged hills of western Pennsylvania, Mark was a sports enthusiast enjoying hunting, fishing, hockey and baseball.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State, then began his career in the nuclear power industry which he continues today after 28 years.  As an engineer, he is a perfectionist and translates his skills learned from the stringent demands of his profession to life's everyday tasks.

Together, we enjoy an active lifestyle and outdoor activities.  We target National Parks for our vacations and are continually awe inspired by what each has to offer.  We also enjoy venues you find in most larger cities, like sporting events and broadway plays, so in many ways, you could say our interests are widespread.  However, when the dust settles and we want to turn it in for the evening, we prefer to be with the sounds of nature under a canopy of trees.  

Cozy Cabin Rentals

Hello, we are Gloria and Mark.  We are the new owners of the Cozy Cabins and hope to see you here one day in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  You will not be disappointed.  Though we are not yet open for taking reservations, we look forward to when our renovations are complete and for you to be our guest in one of our "cozy" cabins.

Please bookmark our webpage and check for updates on future cabin rentals.  Also, please feel free to contact us using the information on the "Contact Us" tab.